Our Nature Kindergarten & Forest School love to cook on an open fire. Here you’ll find a range of products specifically designed to support outdoor cooking.
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Fire Striker

Swedish Fire Steel / Fire Starter, the ultimate way to light a fire in any weather.  Includes an improved striker and an emergency whistle in striker handle.

Sparks easily ignite a Stove, BBQ, paper, dry grass or bark.

Our Price: £10.00 (10.00 exc VAT)
Fire Blanket

This blanket is 1m x 1m of fireproof fabric

FAST AND SAFE.  Works on a variety of fires where other types of extinguishers may not be appropriate or available.  Smothers small fires immediately by cutting off oxygen supply to the flames.

Our Price: £15.90 (15.90 exc VAT)
Fire Bowl

This German ceramic bowl has been specially created to withstand the heat of a fire.
The ash base builds up to give an effective base for 5 minute fires. It provides a moveable fire area that can be used in garden or tarmac areas for toasting a marshmallow or providing a focus for a warming cup of hot chocolate around the fire.
Size 24 cm diameter

Our Price: £54.00 (45.00 exc VAT)
Soup Bowl

Large Stainless Steel Soup Bowl (9 litres), that hangs over the fire.  Wonderful for mulled wine at community events in the winter.

Our Price: £55.00 (55.00 exc VAT)
Stainless Steel Lid For Fire BBQ

This lid can be used as a large pan or cover to keep the rain off the fire stand when not in use

Our Price: £65.00 (65.00 exc VAT)
Fire BBQ

The Nature Kindergartens and Forest School use this cooking system throughout the year.  When it is set up within a proper fire zone it is safe for young children to be near as the outer ring stays cold.
Use it to make a cosy fire or use the detachable grill support pole and easily adjustable grill height for the BBQ.  Base is of steel, chain and griddle in chromium-plated steel, the rest in stainless steel.
Size :- Griddle 50 cms, Height 49 cms
BBQ can sit on an area of 80 x 80 cms

Stainless Steel Lid can be purchased - Code C06

Our Price: £250.00 (250.00 exc VAT)