Moving on with Floorbooks

Moving on with Floorbooks

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This course is designed to build on your knowledge of Floorbooks and supports you in using Floorbooks as an innovative child-led approach to documenting observation, assessment and planning. It focuses on ensuring quality and the adult role within the Floorbook Approach.

‘Moving on with Floorbooks’ is aimed at all professionals working within Early Years Childcare and Education who have experience of using the Floorbook Approach. This is an advanced course looking at the advanced theories and practice around Floorbooks. You should have a basic knowledge of working with Floorbooks and/or have completed our ‘Introduction to Floorbooks’ online module.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
1. Outline the features you can use to monitor the quality of a Floorbook
2. Demonstrate how you’ll manage time whilst using the Floorbook Approach
3. Describe the resources you’ll need and the adult role you’ll adopt for creating high quality Floorbooks

Professional Development
This Online Learning provides 60 minutes of professional development.

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