Benefit Risk

Benefit Risk

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An on demand webinar by Claire Warden

Benefit Risk



This webinar explore the concept of risk and risk taking in early childhood. We will look at “acceptable risk” and benefit risk management in early years education. We'll also investigate the concept of risky plan and discuss how to equip children with the skills they need to assess and manage risk effectively.

“Benefit Risk” is aimed at all professionals working within Early Years Childcare and Education. This is an introductory webinar and therefore no pre-requisite learning is required.

By the end of this webinar you'll be able to:
1. List the different types of risk and how we they impact on our learning environments
2. Identify the thinking behind a Benefit Risk Assessment
3. Demonstrate how to involve children in the risk management process
4. Describe the benefits of “Risky Play”

Professional Development
This webinar provides 40 minutes of professional development.

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